Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Well, Christmas was fabulous this year! The girls' excitement could barely be contained! The elf on a shelf was our newest tradition. Each morning of December the girls jumped out of their beds and raced around the house to see who would spot the elf first. They were so precious! We had the school Christmas program for the girls, and parties for all four kids to attend. BUSY, BUSY! We made our traditional "trash" for the neighbors to enjoy! Nanny (Donovan's Sister) and Uncle Mark came down from Virginia to visit for a week. The kids had TONS of fun playing with them! We FINALLY made it to visit Santa in the mall on Christmas Eve.....right before church. All the kids were excited (well, Carson was oblivious, but smiled nevertheless) to see Santa and give him their list.
McKenzie tried to wake us up on Christmas morning bright and early (umm.... I believe it was 3am the first time) . We delayed her until 6:30am.....when we finally got up to see what Santa had brought us. Asher's favorite gift was the train set....he didn't want to open up anything else. McKenzie's favorite gift was her pink guitar. Kendall's favorite gift was her 3 story Barbie mansion. Carson just enjoyed chewing on everything he opened! The Reeds got the kids a trampoline which has been quite the rave at our house. The kids want to jump all day! 
Here are some pics of Christmas.......