Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kendall's 6th Birthday

Kendall's 6th Birthday was at the newly renovated Chuck E. Cheese! She had LOTS of friends there to help her celebrate ! She was definitely the STAR that night! Carson enjoyed the ice cream, while Asher rode lots
of rides with the help of his cousin Brittney. McKenzie seemed to have fun, too! I just liked the fact
that I didn't have to do ANYTHING exctept enjoy Kendall's party!

Asher's 3rd Birthday

Asher's 3rd birthday theme was picked by Asher. He chose the fire truck theme, and I took it from there! He had several of his friends come from school. We played "squirt the fire out" with water guns and musical fire hydrants. We ate cookie cake and ice cream. The kids drank out of little fire hydrant cups (they were too cute) and took home red tin pails filled with fire fighter themed items. Asher had a blast, and so did his siblings!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Easter 2009

This Easter was wonderful! The kiddos enjoyed dying Easter eggs. We did this activity outside, as to alleviate the mess indoors. Well, it was messy....but we ended up with a variety of colors and styles. The boys chose race cars, and the girls did glitter eggs. Carson thought the eggs were balls and through every one he picked up. Needless to say, we ended up with LOTS of cracked eggs! Thankfully we boiled and dyed 36 eggs, so there were plenty! The Easter bunny was good to the kids once again, and they racked up on toys, bathing suits, and CANDY!!!!! 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Asher's Big Boy Bed

Asher has been climbing out of the crib for a few months now, so we decided it was time to pick out his big boy furniture. We ordered it about a month ago, and it finally arrived!!!! He is so excited. These are pictures from his first night in his bed. Daddy read him a story to tuck him in...and then after he fell asleep. So Precious!!! Our angel! (for some reason...the pictures are in reverse order...grrrr....)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Asher's big news

Well, we have begun the journey of pottie training #3 (Asher). He decided Saturday that he no longer wanted to wear diapers, but instead he wanted to wear big boy "undawea" as he says. I was reluctant because we had errands and I knew public facilities are not for "training" but he was insistent. He did FABULOUS!!!!  Only one tee-tee accident all day! We even wore underwear to bed and no accident!
Today was officially day #2 and we have had one accident of each, but I am not giving up hope..... He is so excited (as you can clearly see in the picture) about wearing his big boy underwear. I just wanted to share our good only one in diapers!!!!! (kinda like a pay raise :-)